Squat Toilets, Shared Bathrooms and Weight Gain – These are a few of my (not so favourite) things!

So, its very obvious how excited I am about my travels, but amongst the excitement I do obviously have some small concerns.
I have travelled to many countries where ‘squat toilets’ are used but have always been fortunate enough to find western style ‘sit down toilets’. I know that this time, at some point I will not be so lucky!
I am really looking forward to meeting people from all over the world and sharing stories whilst getting drunk on the local produce, I am even looking forward to sharing dorm rooms, but I am not looking forward to sharing the bathroom! I am very particular with cleanliness and so this will be a big challenge for me to face.
I am a self confessed ‘material girl’ so how will I cope without my hair straighteners, my stilettos (being 4ft 10″ I do love a heel), champagne lunches with the girls and dvd nights with a large bowl of popcorn and king-size bar of chocolate? Time will tell.
Body Weight:
People who know me seem to think I will lose weight but people who have travelled have told me I will gain weight. Obviously I hope it is not the latter, but we shall see:
Current Weight: 6st 13Ibs
Weight on return: To Be Confirmed!!!
Travelling alone – Only a small concern for me but a big concern for loved ones. Obviously some things worry me but I am not the first and certainly not the last woman to travel alone. I like my own company and as long as I am sensible I will be fine!
These minor things aside my excitement continues to grow – 3 Weeks, 4 Days and 21 hours to go!

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