How to fit 3 months of your life into a backpack

How do you fit your life, for the next 3 months, into a 45L backpack? My friends have been asking me this question over & over and so here is my list:

3 pairs of shorts
3 vests
1 t.shirt
1 long sleeve top
1 hoody
1 light cardigan
1 pair of cotton trousers
1 maxi dress
1 summer dress
1 pair of walking trainers
1 pair of flip flops
2 bikinis
1 travel towel
1 scarf
1 rain coat
1 sleeping bag liner
1 overshoulder handbag
Prescription glasses
Standard toiletries
Wet wipes
Anti bacterial wash
Insect repellent
Malaria tablets
Travel clothes wash
Plug adapter
IPhone & charger
Camera & charger
Travel journal
Passport & documents

*It took me a while to get my head around the best way to take money and following some research, slight confusion and despite bad reviews, I have decided to take a small amount of cash (Thai Baht & US Dollars), loaded a Multi Currency Cashcard with Aus Dollars & US Dollars (for use in Laos & Cambodia) and left some in a bank account so I can use my debit card in Thailand and Australia.

Before planning my trip I researched into how much money I would need and majority of the sites and forums I visited came up with the same amount:

Amount at start of trip: Β£3,050

Did this last the whole trip: To be confirmed!!



6 thoughts on “How to fit 3 months of your life into a backpack

  1. Ok.anyone reading this should never worry about packing when going on a holiday … What is 2 Weeks compared with 3 months…:-)

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