Bucket List Item – Snorkel a Living Reef – ✔️✔️

For those of you with a good memory, you will notice that this item is in fact already ticked off my Bucket List. I did snorkel many amazing reefs in the Maldives, but you will surely agree that snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef deserves a double tick!

Setting sail at 8.30am on a very nice boat we were provided with tea and coffee and entertained by the fabulous crew. After an hour or so we moored at the first outer reef approximately 70km offshore.

As we have now entered the season for jelly fish we had the option to hire stinger suits. Now if there was a jelly fish I am pretty sure I would be the one it hunted down! So I paid $10 for the protection. I put on my mask and fins and waited for my turn to jump in. I was most excited. I prepared my mask and snorkel perfectly so that I didn’t have any issues once in the water and then I jumped in. I started swimming amongst the huge colourful fish and this would have worried me in the past but I just swam along with them, taking in the abundant colourful marine life. The sea was so calm and not too cold and the visibility was amazing, unfortunately the coral was slightly disappointing. Most of the reef was dead and so the once colourful coral was a bit dull. The coral in the Maldives were actually so much nicer.

We returned to the boat for a very tasty BBQ lunch and set sail for the next reef. This reef was much better with bigger more colourful fish, I even saw a Barracuda which was quite possibly the same size as me, masses of superb coral formations of all shapes and sizes and a lot more colour. The deep drops off the coral walls would normally panic me but I was loving every minute of it gliding over the deep drops and searching for weird and wonderful fish in the cave like holes, floating above the shallow coral with the fish poking there heads at me a few inches from my face.

All in all an amazing day.






3 thoughts on “Bucket List Item – Snorkel a Living Reef – ✔️✔️

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