A small taste of city life – Brisbane

Travelling the east coast means visiting a lot of beach towns, which I have loved. I’v always loved the beach life and have always wanted to live near the beach so I have been in my element. But I like to mix things up a bit so a night in a city was definately in order. A 5 hour bus drive from Rainbow Beach and I was greeted by the tall buildings of Brisbane. I hadn’t received the best reviews of Brisbane but I always like to make my own mind up. So on my first day off I went, and yes you guessed it, got myself lost and explored. I really enjoyed walking around the shops, window shopping,
– I am a backpacker remember! Strolling across Brisbane River over Victoria Bridge to the South Bank and looking back over at the skyline. On the way back through the shops I spotted a sale and was able to treat myself to a new bikini. 3 months of the same bikini photos has become a bit boring now!

My bus was leaving Brisbane the next day at 1pm so I woke up early to make the most of my time in the city. I came across a small man made beach and lagoon which was pretty cool to see in the middle of skyscrapers! I could easily of stayed and sunbathed but decided I would rather make the most of being in a city, so I carried on walking and visited the museum, art gallery and my favourite, a modern art gallery. One of the displays that caught my attention and what I thought was genius, was a wall of postcards by artist Rivane Neuenschwander. Each picture represented a continent, country or city from around the world and the artist never left Brazil. We were allowed to pick a card, write an address on it and the art gallery will post it out. I hope mine arrives.

My last stop was the City Hall where a large Christmas tree stood. How strange to see a Christmas tree under a clear blue sky with the sun shining down and taking a photo whilst wearing flip flops, (sorry thongs) shorts, vest and sunglasses!

I enjoyed Brisbane, only wish I could have spent another day there. But, the adventure continues, back to the beach further down the coast – Byron Bay.





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