The country that has it all. 🇳🇿

📍Fox Glacier to 📍Wanaka to Queenstown📍

The South Island of New Zealand certainly hasn’t disappointed. It truly is as beautiful as the internet shows. Less than an hours drive and the scenery changes, from lush green rolling hills, to coastal roads, to snow cap mountains, to stunning blue lakes, to fun towns and cities. I never get bored of gazing out of the car window. Once you leave the West Coast hills and beaches it’s the beautiful blue lakes which take your breath away. Some so vast and blue they can easily be mistaken for the Indian Ocean.

2712E55F-42A4-4C17-8611-DBABD5C132E8On any trip there will always be a particular moment or event that slightly stands out more in your memory, and for this trip I think it will be the time we spent at Wanaka. Our tent was pitched with a beautiful view of the mountains and the lake where we toasted marshmallows under the most amazing, starriest sky I have ever seen, took a morning swim in the fresh lake and listened to the man playing the piano by ‘that Wanaka Tree’.

The serenity of the lake wasn’t to last long as our next stop was the ‘adrenaline capital of the world’ – Queenstown. Queenstown is also centred by a lake and surrounded by mountains but people are gliding off the mountains or biking down them and jet skiing on the lake. The buzz of Queenstown is contagious and within 2 hours of being there we were karting around the mountain on Luges. The following day we were being thrown around a jet boat through a rocky gorge and swinging from a canyon!

The Shotover jet boat was so much fun and a great way to get our adrenaline going as our driver sped through shallow water narrowly missing the rocks. From the jet boat we headed to the canyon swing. As you know I have skydived before, but this was a totally different feeling. The guys playfully messed with our heads, whilst strapping us together for our tandem jump, into a swing position, until they pulled the cord which let us freefall 60 metres vertically down a steep rocky cliff before swinging 200 metres across the canyon river. The sensation of the drop is indescribable other than ‘my stomach was in my mouth’ and ‘it was amazing’. And yes, I would definitely do it again.

We spent two nights in Queenstown and stayed at a lovely house called Spa B&B. The owner was so friendly and kept the place sparkling clean. We had a huge bed with yet another beautiful view of the lake and mountains. We were even able to watch the sunset from our bed.

The stunning views were not to stop there. Our next accommodation was in Lake Tekapo where we stayed in a shared house and the view from our bed was of yet more mountains and another stunning lake; this one so blue it looked like a swimming pool from a distance. We have been truly spoilt with our morning views on this trip.


Only a few days left of our amazing trip and these have been spent back in Christchurch and Akaroa with my boyfriends family and friends, eating, drinking, swimming in the sea and enjoying the sunshine.

An amazing road trip which felt like a different holiday each day. I have loved every minute and will definitely be coming back. I know this beautiful country has so much more to offer.