2 Months, 2 Weeks, 0 days!

Today’s To Do List:

1. Apply for Australian E-visitor – check!

This could have easily been a disaster down to bad planning of mine. As I was in Australia at the beginning of the year, I already had an E-visitor which was valid for 1 year. This visa was due to expire 4 days before I was due to fly out of Australia! I wasn’t sure whether I would be granted another one whilst one was still in existence, so I hit the submit button and waited in anticipation for the email from the Embassy. 5 minutes later, ‘I wish to advise that a visa has been granted’.  Phew!

2. Attend appointment with Travel Specialist for advice on vaccinations – check!

Luckily for me, being the pin cushion that I was last year, has saved me from having to have any further travel jabs. I, along with everyone I know, hates injections so when advised that I didn’t need any I could have hugged the Travel Specialist! But with every ‘up’ there is always a ‘down’ – Malaria! Whilst in Thailand I am at low risk but as soon as I approach the border of Thailand and over into Laos and onto Cambodia I am in a high risk area.

I was given two options of malaria tablets – the cheaper option at 30p a tablet but was told I cannot drink alcohol and skin will be extremely sensitive to the sun – hmmm no drinking or sunbathing whilst travelling, kind of defeats the object!

Second option at £3.20 a tablet! Instantly I turned my nose up at this but the Specialist was keen to tell me that these tablets have little or no side effects, hence the price! Now, as a solo traveller, being sick as a side effect of tablets, drinking alcohol and causing the tablets not to work and therefore a higher possibility of contracting malaria is obviously a big concern and so I took my nose out of the air and I have decided to look around for the same tablets but at a cheaper price. And so, the search begins…

Not bad for half a days work.