Excited, nervous, sad, excited!

Excited, nervous, sad, excited. This was the emotional roller coaster I experienced on Tuesday, the day of my flight to Bangkok & the first stop on my travels.

The sadness came from having to say goodbye to my parents, obviously because I will miss them, but the fact that I am only away for 3 months makes that easier, it mainly came from knowing that I was leaving them very worried and it makes me sad to know that I am putting them through it. But I know they are pleased for me.

My flights ran smoothly but because I had a 2 hour stop over at Dubai it made the whole flight seem extra long & tiring. When I finally landed in Bangkok I gave a taxi driver the address of my hostel & he drove me to Khao San Road. Khao San Road is a stretch of road filled with market stalls & hostels, but I knew my hostel wasn’t on this road. The taxi driver insisted it was but knowing he was wrong I paid him as I knew my hostel was only a few streets away. Any Thai person who spoke English asked if they could help me find my way and after several friendly attempts at helping me, not one person got me to my hostel. So I found a tuk tuk driver who tried to charge me 200bht, I laughed and after some haggling I got him down to 20bht (about 40p).

So after about 30 minutes of searching, I finally arrived at my hostel. After removing my shoes I stepped inside to be greeted by lots of fellow backpackers chatting and relaxing on the cushioned flooring area. As I had arranged to meet a friend of a friend I locked my backpack in my dorm cupboard (so pleased I remembered to bring a padlock) and headed out.