Red Roofs & Ancient Walls

The following day I was so excited to explore the site that welcomed me when I first stepped off the shuttle bus – The Old Town and the City Walls – beautiful red roofed buildings surrounded by a stone wall which was built throughout history to defend the city and the port.
From the ground and once you have entered through the Pile Gate you step inside the Old Town where you can wonder along narrow streets, climb stone steps, marvel at ancient architecture, shop, eat and drink. From above, walking along the city walls, you can see an abundance of red roofs, busy streets and glistening sea. For £17(150 Kuna) you  can walk the full 2km circuit of the wall. Even though we walked in 33 degree heat with the sun blazing it was an amazing experience. So picturesque and full of history, and it also helped me to appreciate exactly how the city walls protected the town. Stopping for numerous photos, taking moments to appreciate the scenery and sipping on the local beer, Ozujsko (£5 (42 Kuna)) in Buza Bar, built into the cliff side just on the outside of the City Walls, the walk took us around 2 hours. I would totally recommend doing the walk. If 2km with upward slopes and steps sounds a bit challenging, there are exits along the way so that you don’t have to do the full circuit.
As the bus from Babin Kuk to the town was only about 15 minutes at a cost of £1.50 we decided to head back into the town for dinner and drinks that same night. We had dinner in 1863 Dubravka, which is a lovely restaurant set just outside the walls and looking out onto the sea, and for the Game of Thrones fans; Kings Landing! It is a busy outdoor restaurant but don’t be put off. We asked for a table for 2 by the sea and although it was extremely busy they managed to find us the table we requested within minutes. You don’t know if don’t try! Now, I am not a huge seafood lover, but I have it on good authority that it was exceptional in all of the restaurants we ate in.

Dubrovnik really is a beautiful city filled with history, nice restaurants & lovely views.

A small taste of city life – Brisbane

Travelling the east coast means visiting a lot of beach towns, which I have loved. I’v always loved the beach life and have always wanted to live near the beach so I have been in my element. But I like to mix things up a bit so a night in a city was definately in order. A 5 hour bus drive from Rainbow Beach and I was greeted by the tall buildings of Brisbane. I hadn’t received the best reviews of Brisbane but I always like to make my own mind up. So on my first day off I went, and yes you guessed it, got myself lost and explored. I really enjoyed walking around the shops, window shopping,
– I am a backpacker remember! Strolling across Brisbane River over Victoria Bridge to the South Bank and looking back over at the skyline. On the way back through the shops I spotted a sale and was able to treat myself to a new bikini. 3 months of the same bikini photos has become a bit boring now!

My bus was leaving Brisbane the next day at 1pm so I woke up early to make the most of my time in the city. I came across a small man made beach and lagoon which was pretty cool to see in the middle of skyscrapers! I could easily of stayed and sunbathed but decided I would rather make the most of being in a city, so I carried on walking and visited the museum, art gallery and my favourite, a modern art gallery. One of the displays that caught my attention and what I thought was genius, was a wall of postcards by artist Rivane Neuenschwander. Each picture represented a continent, country or city from around the world and the artist never left Brazil. We were allowed to pick a card, write an address on it and the art gallery will post it out. I hope mine arrives.

My last stop was the City Hall where a large Christmas tree stood. How strange to see a Christmas tree under a clear blue sky with the sun shining down and taking a photo whilst wearing flip flops, (sorry thongs) shorts, vest and sunglasses!

I enjoyed Brisbane, only wish I could have spent another day there. But, the adventure continues, back to the beach further down the coast – Byron Bay.